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Pool Types

There are two types of inground pools available: Gunite and Vinyl-lined. In order to make an informed decision on which type you choose, it will help you to understand as much as you can about these two different types. Keep in mind that even amongst the two types, there are variations between each pool; in other words, no two are exactly alike.


Gunite is a specially formulated liquid concrete that hardens as it dries. After excavating the pool site, we build a rigid framework of steel rods, sturdily wired together. Then, using extremely high-pressure, the gunite is blown into the steel frame and the surface is hand-trowelled to the desired smoothness.

Once the Gunite has set and fully dried, we lay the coping and decking. Next, we add the tile and any other decorative details. To complete the construction we apply a special, waterproof finish to the sides and bottom. The final result is a strong, steel reinforced concrete pool. Keep in mind that all Gunite pools are unique. While Gunite can vary greatly in quality and consistency, Pamlico Pool Company uses only the highest quality materials available.


Our construction of concrete vinyl-lined pools is unrivaled. The walls are made of steel reinforced concrete, not wood or aluminum, and the liner is a special, extra-heavy gauge vinyl.

After we excavate the site, forms are erected which we then pour concrete into to create the pool walls. Once the concrete has set, we remove the forms and strip the walls smooth. PVC plumbing is then installed and the site is backfilled and graded using state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring excellent compaction. The coping and decking is laid in a manner that compacts and smooths the pool flooring. Finally, we hand-trowel the pool floor with concrete to make certain that it is the proper thickness and smooth enough not to abrade the liner. What you have left is a completely water-tight, supremely constructed, vinyl-lined pool.